The 2015 Planning Team


      In case you missed us the past few years, here's what people had to say:

  • I want to thank you and your crew for having us back again for Gay Pride Baton Rouge...I enjoy it so much...Both years my life has been touched by children in attendance...Thank you for the memories I get from being there...
  • I think it is an awesome opportunity to see friends, vendors and be entertained at a nice venue.
  • I think the BR gay community is being VERY well-served by the Pride Fest and I already look forward to next year.
  • If people want to go to any event of their peers and have a good time and fellowship...this was it!
  • Great opportunity to meet & view other alternative families & show my child that we're not alone in not “being the norm.”
  • The Pride Fest was a terrific source for information.
  • The entertainers – all were great!!!!
  • You guys did an amazing job. Please continue to stress the family friendly part of the event.
  • My favorite part was being able to see so many in a small community come together for equality not just gay pride.
  • Seeing gay people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate themselves was an incredible experience.
  • The food and music, actually everything, was so awesome.
  • When the minister blessed the relationships, it was a beautiful, touching moment that I watched in awe.
  • I felt welcome, and the music and people were amazing.
  • There are resources available that I was not even aware.
  • PrideFest is a fabulously educational, resourceful, entertaining and social rendezvous.
  • It was good entertainment. It was also a good place to see friends you have not seen in a while and also a good place to get information. Overall, it was an excellent event.
  • I would encourage others to attend because it lets others (straight and gay) see what we are about and that we are PROUD of who we are.
  • It's a great community event!
  • Even more, nearly EVERYONE who responds to our survey each year say they would attend Pride Fest again and bring their friends. Be there with them this year!

Promoting UNITY In OUR Community!

The 2014 Planning Team

The Organization
Baton Rouge Pride Inc. is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization (with IRS 501(c)3 recognition, for interested contributors). We are dedicated to providing resources, education, cultural events, and other community-building activities for the South Louisiana GLBTQ community and its friends, families and allies.

Founded in 2006-2007, Baton Rouge Pride (also known as the Baton Rouge Pride Fest) originated as a secular outreach of MCC of Baton Rouge. It was designed as a gathering and celebration for the GLBTQ community in the area but also as an educational and community building event centered on a community resource fair. Since that beginning with less than 500 attendees and 15 resource fair participants in 2007, it has grown to be Louisiana's largest pride celebration -- with more than 7,500 attendees and nearly 75 organizations in the resource fair tin 2015. Better yet, since 2010, it also is the South's (if not the world's) largest indoor, family friendly pride celebration.

Our resource fair has continually grown to encompass more emphasis on community health, well-being and unity - a major component each year is a variety of health education and testing services. The overall event blends education about community resources, health counseling, family activities, area artists performers and more. A mix of education about health and wellness with entertainment and fun draws people from all walks of life! Over all nine years of the event, sponsors and grant providers, as well as an all-volunteer board and staff, have helped us to keep it as a free admission event, allowing everyone to participate in this day of community.